Email & Spam Protection

Reliable and efficient communication is a crucial tool if you want your business to be a success. Email is necessary but if you’re not properly protected you’re leaving your business wide open to online attacks from spam, phishing, viruses and malware. With Email and Spam Protection from Klein Network Systems you’ll have all the benefits of email but without the associated online threats.

Don’t let unscrupulous third parties damage your business. We use spam filtering solutions based on industry leading providers Microsoft Office 365, and Barracuda antispam tools. We increase protection to your email network. Breaches of security and data loss are costly.

Improve email access

With flexible search options and attachments and message archives.

Refine business processes

Ease the pressure on your server by offloading massive amounts of storage.

Ensure your email's safety

Prevent online threats and protect your business.

Simplify systems

Improve email indexing and have more access to your data.


With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge to our name, we’ve proven we’re a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian IT industry.