On Demand Services

On Demand Services are just like having your own IT department - one hour at a time

If you’re a small business you might not need a full time IT department but what happens when you do need it? You probably need it right there and then - and when things go wrong, hunting around for a reputable IT service provider is a waste of your precious time. Stay one step ahead by lining up your go-to technology team before disaster strikes.

According to a YouGov survey 42% of small and mid-sized business owners said that "technology not working" is their number one worry.

With On Demand IT Services from Klein Network Services you get:

  • Total IT support when you need it - your own experienced IT department but without the expense of hiring staff
  • Flexibility - pay for what you need, as you need it
  • Fast response times - limit downtime and get up and running as quickly as possible

Klein Network Services' On Demand IT Services are reliable, efficient and never more than a phone call away.

Is it possible something might go wrong with your IT in the next 6 months?

Be prepared for everything. Contact us.